$1000 in 2 weeks?
Challenge accepted.


If you haven't met me sitting in Mauerpark in Berlin soaking sun before ...

Hey I'm Sakshi - business coach, sales mentor and "unofficial" pro hot, spicy & chilli chef in my household...

and ooff.. the road from quitting a job that I aboslutely loved to teaching souls like you has been soulful and sucky all at once.

.. which is why I'm bringing you this challenge.

  • If you are having hard time to sell or having dreadful dry months, this challenge is for you.
  • If you are in service-based industry, and you have no idea what to sell or how to sell, this challenge is for you.

sign up today because my target is to get you to make $1000
... If you want more, awesome. Go for it.

Here's how we gonna do it :

Day 1 : We'll dive into WHAT to sell

Day 2 : We'll talk about HOW to sell

Day 3 : We'll spill the juicy stuff - Sales Phycology so your conversion increase.

When do we start :

We start on Tuesday

This challenge has felt like the easiet money move ever.

$1000 in 2 weeks

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